Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Maiden Post

    So, I'm trying my hand at blogging about this new addiction hobby I have-- pens and inks. My husband is to blame for this. He apparently had to use fountain pens when in school in Germany and he just really kinda likes the pens. Well, when he immigrated here a couple years ago he bought a pen for each of us and it never went any further than that because we didn't really have a proper writing place set up...I guess? Not sure what happened, but we didn't really get too involved with pens and inks at the time. Then about a month ago, hubby decided to dig around a bit on the web. Bad idea. Once we got started with this (and he realized I really was interested), we couldn't stop!
   After seeing some of the different sites out there with reviews and tutorials the idea of doing my own started to float around. With each new pen, the idea seemed to stick more and more. After one of the last pens we bought, hubby mentioned maybe doing a blog might be a good idea... actually, what he said was "You know we will have to start a pen blog or something like that now?" and well, I was inclined to agree. There's some cool stuff out there and heaven knows we have enough pens and inks around to get started with.I'll just have to see how this goes, but it could be fun!